Empowered Reiki Retreat

Take your Reiki practice, business or class to the next level

When was the last time you did something for yourself?  When you put yourself first?  When you took the time to learn a new skill and spend time with like-minded people?  This fall, in the mountains of North Carolina, join a special group of Reiki Masters and Practitioners at the Empowered Reiki retreat.  Practitioners of all lineages are welcome to attend.  In the spirit of co-operation, we’ll learn new things, spend time in Nature, and share Reiki with each other.  From deepening your practice to building your business, there’s something for everyone.  Can one weekend change your life?  YES!

Empowered Healing

Remember how you felt when you completed your first Reiki class?  Excited?  Confident?  Confused?  Scared?  Were you able to get the ongoing support you needed from your teacher?  Were you craving the opportunity to be part of a like-minded community?  It’s time to get support in a sacred weekend of Reiki fun.  Join Bryce Goebel, Licensed Reiki Master Teacher with the International Center for Reiki Training, for a transformative Reiki weekend.  All practitioners are welcomed, regardless of teacher or lineage.  Come with an open heart ready to learn new techniques and make new friends.

Get ready for some “Empowered Reiki” time.

I used to feel guilty for going away on retreats and workshops.  I made one excuse after another.  Through my own self-healing journey, I realized all those excuses boiled down to one thing ….. I didn’t think I was worth it!  I wasn’t worth the time away from my job and family, wasn’t worth the money.  I wasn’t living a fierce authentic life.  Now I know that retreat time fuels my Soul.  It makes me a better practitioner.  It allows me to reconnect with myself, to remember my deep WHYs.  Empowered retreat time energizes me to better serve the people in my life.

I tell my Reiki students that they need to make self-Reiki a daily practice.  After all, if they’re not looking after themselves, how can they heal others?  I love using the oxygen mask analogy.  You need to put on your oxygen mask first; then you can assist others with their masks.  It’s impossible to help them when you’re gasping for air!  When you take time for yourself, it allows you to better support others because you’ve nourished your Soul.  You’ve reconnected to your Spirit.  When you’re not distracted by your daily life, you’re able to reflect on where you are and what you truly desire in life.  Not knowing what you want WILL affect your Reiki practice and business.

Have you found yourself, on more than one occasion, trying to help others with their oxygen mask except you’re starved for oxygen yourself?  If you’re running on empty or in need of a little inspiration, it’s time for a change.  It’s time to remember what it feels like to take a deep breath.  It’s time to put on your oxygen mask.  It’s time for Empowered Reiki.

As a professionally trained women’s empowerment facilitator and ICRT-certified Reiki Master, I create deeply transformative experiences for workshop attendees.  Each workshop is carefully crafted to create a safe, sacred place for healing.  Each activity is intended to strengthen your Reiki practice, offer a new technique, grow your business, to help you be a more impactful teacher, and a light within your community.  We’ll also spend time looking at limiting beliefs and fears that may be holding you back from achieving your goals.  And through it all comes practical guidance on how to put self-love first, without guilt, shame or apology to the world.

The Fall 2017 Empowered Reiki Retreat will offer a life-changing weekend to a small group of attendees. We’ll spend time in community, giving and receiving Reiki.  We’ll play in Nature.  We’ll learn about using Sound, Crystals, and even essential oils with Reiki.  We’ll rest, because we need to learn to BE.  At the end of our sacred time together, you’ll leave with practical tools you can use to continue living each day the way you desire.  You’ll make new friends.  You’ll have more confidence.  The energy of the Fall Equinox, the new moon and the Blue Ridge Mountains guarantees an transformative weekend for all attendees.  Allow yourself the space to learn, to be your most authentic self, and to stretch outside your comfort level.  Remember how to live in the moment.  Workshops may change from what’s listed below.  Attendance in workshops is optional.

There will be time to enjoy the 1200+ acres of the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain, NC.  Time to hike, to laugh, to rest, to sit by the fire, to make new friends, to be.  Simply allow yourself to follow your heart.  Nourish your Soul.  The location is convenient to I-40, east of Asheville NC, about 90 minutes from Charlotte, NC.

Friday September 22nd

  • Check in to your room after 3:00pm
  • Meet and Greet
  • Group dinner
  • Reiki and Sound Healing workshop (Bring singing bowls, drums, rattles, etc. if you choose)
  • Reiki energy exchange where we bring balance to the energies of Body, Mind and Spirit

Saturday September 23rd

  • Breakfast
  • Group hike and Reiki with Nature
  • Reiki and Essential Oils workshop
  • Lunch
  • Reiki and Crystals for everyday healing workshop
  • Clear, Protect and Increase the energy field around your body, in your workspace, and at home workshop
  • Dinner
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs workshop using the power of Fire
  • Reiki energy exchange where we bring balance the energies of Body, Mind and Spirit

Sunday September 24th

  • Breakfast
  • Empower your Reiki practice, treatments, business and classroom workshop
  • Practice giving and receiving attunements, placements and ignitions, based on your lineage
  • Saying Goodbye and Heading Home

Your retreat fee includes a shared or single hotel-style room, all workshops, use of the venue grounds and five meals served buffet-style.  Special dietary needs can be accommodated.

Invest in yourself.  Register before July 31st and save $200 with Early Bird pricing.  SAVE AN ADDITIONAL $100 WHEN YOU REGISTER BY JULY 16TH.

Full Retreat Experience + Double Occupancy Accommodations + 5 meals $595, Deposit $195

Full Retreat Experience + Single Occupancy Accommodations + 5 meals $695, Deposit $225


Register August 1st – August 15th

Full Retreat Experience + Double Occupancy Accommodations + 5 meals $695, Deposit $345

Full Retreat Experience + Single Occupancy Accommodations + 5 meals $795, Deposit $395


Register after August 15th

Full Retreat Experience + Double Occupancy Accommodations + 5 meals $795, Full Payment of $795

Full Retreat Experience + Single Occupancy Accommodations + 5 meals $895, Full Payment of $895

Happy Clients

Pam Collins

I chose to work with Bryce because she was non-judgmental and her sense of openness in approach appealed to me.  She is incredibly professional and willing to explain anything that I had questions about.  She helped me recognize my role in “hanging on” to old hurts.  Also the possibilities for my role as the person who “lets go.”  A significant pain in my hip that I didn’t realize was energetic in nature was totally healed without my identifying it for Bryce.  I liked that.  It was the same for my heart fears.  I can honestly say that I felt better (I’d even go so far as to say soon much better) after our sessions then when I arrived.  Bryce is a great example of someone choosing to walk their path as a healer.  She isn’t just a source of information and service, but also encouragement and gentle nudging as to what I can do for myself.  This increased my own skill set, as well as my perception of that skill set.  I would whole-heartedly recommend Bryce Goebel for healing problems of any nature.  Try her once.  You’ll never regret the decision.

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